I have programmed as a hobby for over 30 years. I have worked my my through almost all computer languages. My current favorites are C, C++ and Java.Last year I wrote my first Iphone game using the SDK called Dragon Fire SDK. It was a simple game where you shoot down UFO's from a flying helicopter I did all the programming and graphics. The game was glitchy but I am working on getting it running better.

Who we are

Two Nibbles Software is a very small company with one employee Me!

I like to build custom Excel spreadsheets, and have over 15 years in doing so. We can do it all from a small Excel only custom spreadsheet to a more advanced Xll Excel add-in. Examples are included in the Excel section of this Website.

We are always open to developing your own programming solution needs from Visual Basic to C++.

In addition to building custom spreadsheet solutions, we also have recently built Iphone games and business solutions. You will find examples of the game that we designed in the Iphone section of this Website

We also will develope Websites of your business. we can assist your company in getting up and running anything from a simple single page Website to a more complex on-line shopping site complete with on-line payment options.

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