I am a professional accountant and work for a major chemical company. My day job is very stressful, and I find programming relaxing after a hard day. I have developed all kinds of different models to aid me in my daily jobs. Built complex accounting models using C++ and visual basic for applications. I have also developed Excel Xll add-ins using C++ this was pretty cool.

I really would like to become a better JavaScript programmer. JavaScript is the wave of the future as far as the Web is concerned, and also is an key part of HTML5. I would also like to learn to program in Object-c and develop better iPhone games.

I am some what new to Web Development. Only using it way, way back in college as part of the Business course that I was taking. Then not using it for a very long long time. Currently I am using the HTML editor called Coffee Cup and just starting to learn it as well as HTML5. I would like one day to develop a HTML5 game

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