Excel VBA add-in, are locked Excel Files and supplement Excel functions. Attaxched is a simple Excel VBA add-in that I put together

Excel also has a provision for a much faster Excel Add-in made with C++ attached below is an example of one of these

Excel is a great tool for doing analysis below is an example of such a file.


Iphone Development

I have recently constructed two Iphone games used Dragon Fire SDK.Dragon Fire SDK allows you to develope Iphone games on a windows based machine using the Visual Studio development platform

The first game that I developed was UFO Hunter a game to shoot down UFO's as they fly by.

The second game that I developed was a space shoot-ip game called Astriod. In this game you shoot astriod as they come at your spaceship.


Web Services

I have recently developed a few Web Sites for friends and famliy Below are links to thses external Web Sites.

Joly Heinzlmeir

This Web Site is an example of a site that auto reformats to the device that it is displaying on like Iphones, Ipads and regular screen sizes. If you would like more information please contact me.

This is an other example.

Blair H personal site
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